Norman and Olivia West


President & CEO~Financial Experts

West Advisory Group

The co-authors of "Debt Free at 33: 33 Ways You Can Become Financially Free," Norman and Olivia West, known collectively as "Team West," form a unique and formidable husband and wife duo whose financial journey resonates with audiences of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Paying off all of their student loan debt, credit card debt, car loans, and personal loans totaling more than $170,000 at a time when they never made six figures, Norman and Olivia have mastered the arts of debt elimination and family financial management.  The couple has become a leading authority on personal finance, entrepreneurship, community development and philanthropy, and success for families and young adults, being featured nationally on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Huffington Post Live and Cornerstone TV. 

 Some of the core components that Norman and Olivia strive to disseminate through their educational teachings are those of giving back, paying it forward, and serial philanthropy.  Norman and Olivia believe that the achievement of financial independence introduces a tremendous opportunity to engage in sacrificial giving, volunteerism, and community involvement, activities in which they encourage their clients and workshop attendees to readily participate.  By promoting a financial philosophy that instills the virtues of altruism, genuine concern for the welfare of others, and leaving behind a legacy that transcends generations, Team West aspires to make an indelible impact on the hearts and minds of all whom they encounter, facilitating change that will positively and immediately impact their social surroundings.       

Kristus Ratliff