Steves & Maria Tietcheu


Critical Care Nurse & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Steves and Maria Tietcheu have been married for 12 years. They are residents in the Silver Spring area and live with their three children, Mateo, 8, Yanni 6, and Lucian 18 months. Steves was born and raised in Cameroon and Maria was born in Nicaragua and raised there for the early part of her childhood. They both met during their college years while working together at a shoe store. For Steves it was love at first sight, for Maria it took some time… Steves had at the time given his life to Christ and Maria some time later also dedicated her life to following Jesus. Jesus has been the foundation of their marriage and they give God praise for their love and unity. 

Professionally, Steves has done work in medical research and is currently working as a critical care nurse. Maria, is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and truly enjoys working with the mental health population. Steves and Maria have in common the passion for caring for others. It is not easy for them to juggle keeping marriage a priority while also raising three kids, working full time professional jobs, caring for older parents, having different cultures, and meeting the needs of others in the community. They praise God for his grace and mercy and seek Him and the help of godly friends and mentors to find balance and joy.

Kristus Ratliff